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11 Aug 2016

All are playing Pokémon Go , but few know exactly how it works. That's a lot of tips and 
tricks to get you started on your adventure from coaches.

Pokemon GO cheats - that's all you need to know to get started

If around you are seeing a lot of people walking with his head down on the phone, or at least you've seen more than usual, it's probably about the Pokémon Go . The highly anticipated application Niantic is indeed out initially in Australia and New Zealand and then reaching US and finally Italy.

Many are playing then (someone even it sneaks in police stations to retrieve pokeballs), but the absence of detailed official guide makes some cryptic mechanical. But do not panic, because today we are here for you to tell you how it starts great in Pokémon Go.

You were instead looking for a more advanced guide? Take a look at the page where we explore the fighting gyms and teams.

How to play Pokémon Go?

Start playing Pokémon Go cheats is very easy, especially now that the game is finally available in Italy! At this link you will find the download for android and iOS.

Go Pokémon specific guides

We have prepared a series of specific guides designed to explore every aspect of the game, if you care to one point in particular have a look!

What if the game by installing the apk?

Niantic has not released any official statement regarding the use apk to play.Yesterday the servers went offline for several hours and has spread the rumor of imaginary ban, but for now there is nothing certain.

What phone do I need to play?

Pokémon Go does not work on all smartphones unfortunately, and already from these early hours you see some problems. specific requirements have not been published by Niantic, except that relating to the operating system that must be at least Android 4.4 or iOS 6, but clearly there's more. From tests carried out it seems that for a satisfying experience to serve at least 2GB of RAM and a dual core processor. The biggest problem, however, concerns the Intel chip that apparently are not compatible.

Customize the coach (avatar)

At the beginning of the game you will be asked to customize your avatar by choosing from simple options on eye color, skin and hair, and a few different dress. You'll have to choose a name after that will be unique in all the world. Do not worry, however, apart from the name and the other features can be changed later

Customize the Pokémon

Even the clash royale gemmes gratuit are customizable, meaning that you can name your favorite monsters. To do that you plug the Poké Ball that is at the bottom on the screen and select the option Pokémon. This will open the screen with your catches: plugged on the chosen and changed its name.

Choose the starter Pokémon

Also in Pokémon Go we can choose our starting Pokémon among the three historical Starter Series: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. After the introduction the teacher will make them appear around you, choose which to capture and be overwhelmed by chills when you launch your first ball. How many years have you been waiting for this moment? Huh?

If the three you do not like and instead want topaccio yellow follow this guide to get started with pikachu.

How to catch Pokémon

Here we will tell you how quickly catches, but if you want to learn more follow the specific guidance on how to find, capture and evolve pokemon.

We, and get physically to a grassy area and you will see in the lower right corner of the screen with a marker of some silhouettes. It is the closest Pokémon, and their proximity is indicated by the number of impressions (1 = close 3 = far). Pokémon Go Cheats: Top 10 Tips, Hacks And Tricks In 2019The movements of the grass leaves indicate an area where they can spawn, but it is said that there are as you go from there.

When a Pokémon appears nearby your phone will vibrate and you will see the monster on the screen, tappatelo and point the camera around you looking for him.Now run your Pokeball with a swipe and GG. Some Pokémon are harder to take, for example Zubat flutters in a disorderly and will touch will launch more than a sphere.

The Pokémon are divided by zones?

The simple answer is that yes, different areas have different Pokémon. But still it is not clear how this will work, even if it seems that there are some general guidelines: the water type Pokémon will appear to be close to water courses for example, and the impression is that certain areas have only a few Pokémon and dwelt . It is too early to know exactly how it works though!

How do Pokéstop?

You'll see that on the map there are blue markers around you in close proximity to some points of interest. Those are the Pokéstop, the points where you can retrieve some useful items. If it is near the icon will change, tappateci above and spin on itself the medal with the photo to get some Pokeballs, eggs and much more (in this case it is too early to know exactly how it handled the drop objects). And if I see very few in the area? we know why, and probably the niantic.

How do gyms?

The major points of interest (a historic building, a large fountain, etc.) are the Instagram followers adder gyms. To access them you have to be at least level 5. After reaching the approach and requirements captured the gym for your team (red, yellow or blue), by doing so you will see that change color and that your Pokémon will remain there to defend it. Now the coaches of the other teams can attach it to try to conquer it. For all detailed information, follow our guide to fighting gyms and teams.

I can fight with my friends?

No, the fighting between coaches do not exist in Pokémon Go. You can just stick a gym controlled by one of the two opposing teams. learn how to view private instagram followers

I can trade Pokémon with my friends?

Also in this case the answer is no. You can only transfer Pokémon sending them back to the professor. For each monster transferred will receive a correspondent type of candy which you can then use to upgrade from another Pokémon. Luckily Niantic confirmed that exchanges will be reality in future.

How do microtransactions?

Pokémon Go is free to play, but has an internal shop where you can buy some items.You can buy coins with real currency to be spent later for Poké Balls, Eggs, Aroma (which attracts the monsters in the area) and more. We have collected the prices here is how much do microtransactions in pokemon go.

How much battery consumes Pokémon Go? And how much data?

This is a bit 'the sore point of the title. Pokémon Go is very demanding in terms of battery, and you will see the indicator on your screen fall into beaten at an alarming rate. If you have plans to play for a while 'the advice is to lug around an external battery, but fortunately niantic is already workingAs for the data instead the impression is that there is so demanding, in our experience we have seen up to 10MB consumed during an hour of play.

In any case there is a trick to reduce the consumption of battery!

This is only a first Pokémon Go Guide, a first attempt to bring order in the flood of information we received yesterday and today. Stay tuned for updates as we follow the title developed by Niantic, very carefully, and we will update this guide with everything new.


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