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11 Aug 2016

All are playing Pokémon Go , but few know exactly how it works. That's a lot of tips and 
tricks to get you started on your adventure from coaches.

Pokemon GO cheats - that's all you need to know to get started

If around you are seeing a lot of people walking with his head down on the phone, or at least you've seen more than usual, it's probably about the Pokémon Go . The highly anticipated application Niantic is indeed out initially in Australia and New Zealand and then reaching US and finally Italy.

Many are playing then (someone even it sneaks in police stations to retrieve pokeballs), but the absence of detailed official guide makes some cryptic mechanical. But do not panic, because today we are here for you to tell you how it starts great in Pokémon Go.

You were instead looking for a more advanced guide? Take a look at the page where we explore the fighting gyms and teams.

How to play Pokémon Go?

Start playing Pokemon Go cheats is very easy, especially now that the game is finally available in Italy! At this link you will find the download for android and iOS.

Go Pokémon specific guides

We have prepared a series of specific guides designed to explore every aspect of the game, if you care to one point in particular have a look!

What if the game by installing the apk?

Niantic has not released any official statement regarding the use apk to play.Yesterday the servers went offline for several hours and has spread the rumor of imaginary ban, but for now there is nothing certain.

What phone do I need to play?

Pokémon Go does not work on all smartphones unfortunately, and already from these early hours you see some problems. specific requirements have not been published by Niantic, except that relating to the operating system that must be at least Android 4.4 or iOS 6, but clearly there's more. From tests carried out it seems that for a satisfying experience to serve at least 2GB of RAM and a dual core processor. The biggest p